On a warm spring or summer evening, eating outside is enticing and desirable. It is especially appealing if you enjoy having your family and friends around to enjoy a meal that you have cooked over fire.  You may be thinking of  that new recipe you want to try as you imagine placing a heavy cast-iron skillet or griddle directly over the flame and let it heat up for ten minutes before commencing to cook. But do you have the right cookware to compliment your barbecue experience?  Here at Premier Culinaryware we have everything you need to cope with any type of outdoor cooking.

There are the 3 types of cookware you may need or wish to consider:


Ensure you buy the right size for your barbecue by checking the cooking area size and finding measurements of the skillets you are interested in.  Skillets are useful for frying steaks, vegetables and fish, any food which requires cooking at high sustained heat.  We recommend the following traditional cast iron skillets: Lodge, Finex or Samuel Groves.  Skillets can be classic style with single long or short handle such as the Lodge Blacklock cast iron skillet or double handed such as the Samuel Groves Britannia cast iron skillet. Premier Culinaryware has a variety of sizes to suit your needs, but you may want to look at our superb Emba Cast Iron Griddle and Skillet Starter Set as great value especially for those looking for the convenience and advantage of obtaining both skillet and griddle together, saving you time and enhancing your cooking pleasure.



A griddle is a great tool to use on a gas grill because it gives you a flat, solid surface atop the grill, so food does not fall through the grate. Griddles distribute heat evenly, so you can disperse that heat from the grill across the entire surface to avoid hot-spots that char your food. While many grills, particularly of the gas variety, can struggle with even cooking temperatures, cast iron's ability to absorb and distribute heat makes it the perfect solution. What is a ribbed skillet used for? Ribbed is useful for elevating foods if you are concerned about cooking in fat and for making grill marks. Steaks cook longer in the ribbed because there is limited physical contact between the meat and pan. Also the non-pan contact areas of the meat are cooking with radiant heat.  The griddle is also useful for cooking larger quantities of food due to the generous cooking surface of most griddles, the skill and experience of the individual is very much part of the enjoyment!  

Premier Culinaryware offers an excellent variety of griddles to suit every size barbecue grill and budget:

FINEX Cast Iron Double Burner Griddle No.18 

FINEX Cast Iron Grill Pan

Lodge Blacklock Square Grill Pan

Lodge Blacklock Double Burner Griddle

Crane Herringbone Two Hob Griddle Pan

Lodge Chef Cast Iron Double Burner Reversible Grill / Griddle

Samuel Groves Britannia Cast Iron Double Burner Griddle

Premier Culinaryware Cast Iron Griddle Hot Plate

You will find a double burner griddle is also useful for ordinary cooking too when not entertaining outdoors.



Many individuals who enjoy cooking will more than likely already own a wok.  However, you may not have a wok suitable for cooking over fire for those impromptu stir fry dishes or when experimenting with new herbs or spices.  We recommend our Lodge Chef cast iron skillet wok, for ultimate versatility and to impress your family and friends when serving your culinary delights!

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