When you purchase your cast iron cookware from us, it is important to take care of it each and every time it is used. If cast iron cookware is cared for and seasoned properly, it will last a life-time.  Seasoning a cast iron pan is a healthy and natural way of creating non-stick cookware. Your cast iron cookware needs special attention and care to avoid rust spots, and in order to keep the cooking surface in good condition.
Clean the cookware while it is still hot by rinsing with hot water (always by hand) and using a pan scraper when necessary. For stubborn, stuck-on food, you might want to simmer a little water for a few minutes; then use the scraper after the pan has cooled.  Do not use a scouring pad or soap (detergent) as this could break down the pan's seasoning, and could also cause rust spots to develop. 

Dry the cookware thoroughly preferably using a paper towel. Carefully rub a very light layer of cooking oil onto the cooking surface of your cast iron cookware. Use a paper towel to wipe the surface until no oil residue remains.

Never store food in the cast iron pan as the acid in the food will breakdown the seasoning and the food will take on a metallic flavour.  Store your cast iron cookware with the lids off, especially in humid weather, because if covered, moisture can build up and cause rust. However, should rust appear, the pan should be re-seasoned. 

When you purchase cast iron cookware from us, it will already be pre-seasoned, but will require care as described to keep it performing to your expectations.  However, if you have a problem with your cast iron cookware you can always re-season it using the procedure above to keep them looking as new. Look after your cast iron cookware and you will be rewarded with years of service.

By Support Staff


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