What are the advantages?

- Higher than average juice yield
- Easy to operate
- Easy to clean
- Can juice both hard and soft material
- No heating of the pressed material due to low friction
- Antibacterial, stainless steel twin rollers
- Performance and safety features 


Higher Than Average Juice Yield:

The Angel Juicer uses a powerful industrial motor to ensure the highest possible juice yield and juice quality.  It has a gentle low 82 revolutions per minute – therefore; there is minimal oxidation and thus particularly nutritious juices with the highest possible proportion of minerals, vitamins, trace elements, enzymes, and secondary plant substances.  Please compare the juice yield of comparable devices. We are not aware of any juicer that achieves a higher juice yield!

Easy To Operate:

For effective juicing, the Angel Juicer uses a 3-stage juicing process. Here is an overview of the three juicing stages:

Stage 1: Pureeing - The fruit and vegetables are first pureed (coarsely broken up) in the first step.

Stage 2: Mixing – mixing occurs at this stage.

Stage 3: Pressing – Finally, material is pressed.  The result is a very dry pulp, which testifies to a very high juice yield. 

The 3-stage sieve system filters and maximises the juice yield of pure juice up to three times compared to other devices. Absolutely simple: Only one universal sieve, so you don’t have to think beforehand whether soft or hard pressing material is being juiced, and there is no need to laboriously disassemble the juicer when changing the pressing material to change the sieve. The three-stage universal sieve of the Angel Juicer processes almost all fruit and vegetable varieties.  With 43 mm, the feeding chute of the Angel Juicer is one of the largest compared to other Twin-Gear juicers.

Easy To Clean:

The Angel juicer juicing attachments consist of only 4 parts which significantly simplifies the assembly and disassembly of the device in daily use.  The unique design enables easier cleaning: all parts to be cleaned can be removed in just a few simple steps.

Can Juice Hard and Soft Material:

The robust twin press rollers made of surgical stainless steel work very effectively and can juice both soft (pineapple, apples, tomatoes, oranges, etc.) and hard pressing material (carrots, beetroot, celery, etc.) as well as chlorophyll-containing pressed material (wheat-grass, herbs, spinach, etc.) or pine needles (e.g., for homemade bath additives).

No Heating of the Pressed Material Due to Low Friction:

The Angel Juicer is a twin-gear juicer with the lowest number of revolutions.  There is almost no heating of the pressed material due to low friction because of the very low number of revolutions. 

Antibacterial Stainless Steel Twin Rollers:

Press rollers made of high-quality and stable stainless steel (SUS-304). As the press rollers of other twin-gear juicers consist of plastic & stainless steel, they are fragile and prone to breaking.  However, the Angel Juicer is handcrafted and precision engineered construction using the highest quality stainless steel (as used in medical and surgical equipment).

Performance and Safety Features:

The Angel Juicer can press juice continuously without interruption and automatically ejects the pulp, but has a particularly quiet operation.  The higher performance of the motor with a unique cooling system of the motor (fan on the underside of the Angel Juicer) results in less motor strain and less motor heat, thus increasing its lifespan.  The Angel Juicer is not only an excellent juicer. It is also possible to make soy milk & tofu, nut butter, and fruit sorbet.  A thermal overheating protection and reverse function in case of juicing congestion ensure safe use. The automatic thermal switch in the device prevents the motor from overheating.

By Support Staff


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