You may have heard or seen how great it is to cook with a carbon steel wok and having cooked with one for years, it really is as good as you hear.  However; be aware that if you are transitioning from non-stick cookware, there is a bit of a learning curve to get the best out of your new pan. Follow these 7 steps for success!

1.Use the correct oil. Best oil to use is a non-fibrous cooking oil (avoid oils such as olive or avocado). Seed oils are the best to use; either grapeseed oil or sunflower oil is recommended. Using the wrong oil to season the pan can result in food sticking to the pan.

2.Use an extremely thin, layer of oil, literally a drop or two to coat the pan! If the oil pools in the pan, that means you have used too much.  Wipe the excess away and check for a nice even sheen on the pan. Another tell-tale sign that too much oil has been used is if the pan emits a lot of smoke while being heated.

3.Avoid sudden increase of temperature. This can cause the carbon steel to warp; especially If you have an induction hob. Turn the heat up slowly.

4.Allow the wok/pan to cool completely before attempting to apply another (very thin) layer of oil. At least 24 hours is highly recommended. This is to allow the seasoning to properly harden and adhere to the surface of the pan,

5.Although you can begin to cook after one coat, several seasonings are recommended if you are new to cooking with carbon steel. This is to avoid disappointment with the performance of the pan; take things slowly, patience is key.

6.Continue to apply a thin layer of oil every time you cook and also a little oil in the pan /wok for stir-frying.  Remember to always use seed oils for the best results.  Practice using the pan with your particular hob and learn what works for you.  

7.Remember, this is not sold as a ‘non-stick’ wok/pan. Do not expect that after seasoning the pan and following the instructions, it will behave exactly as a ‘non-stick’ pan you are used to. It won’t. It takes time and care to build up the slick patina so that food glides around in the pan/wok.  Enjoy the adventure!

Our woks and pans are ideal for new users of carbon steel cookware as they have undergone a process which makes them easier to care for compared to non-treated carbon steel.  Buy your carbon steel cookware here.

    By Support Staff


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