Would you believe if we said that a kitchen trolley is one of the most underrated additions in any kitchen? Yes, it is true. A kitchen trolley (also called a butcher’s block trolley) is a small cart used within the kitchen as a moving island or work counter. In small kitchens that lack space, these types of kitchen trolley designs can be used to store all kinds of items and kitchenware. In larger kitchens, they can easily move things from one corner of the kitchen to another. It is a furniture piece that proves a great choice for those who want more space in the kitchen, but do not want to put up a counter or an island extension. The kitchen trolley also acts as a multipurpose unit, storing cutlery, ingredients, spices, containers, wine bottles and more.

Kitchen Trolley Design for Corner Spaces

If you have a corner in the kitchen that is awkward, empty and underused, the best way to utilise this space is to get a trolley.  Also, the best thing about kitchen trolley designs is that they can be bought or designed to fit the exact size of the corner space.  Kitchen trolleys can also be made larger to accommodate a more spacious kitchen. There are so many materials these trolleys come in, as well and can be created in different designs.  Just like stainless steel, another one of the very popular types of kitchen trolley designs is the one made of wood, which is an ever-popular material for creating kitchen essentials. Trolleys made of solid wood are strong, natural, and lasts a really long time. It is also a heavy material.  Make sure you buy trolleys with wheels to make it easy to move around.

The Versatile Kitchen Trolley 

Depending on what kind of kitchen trolley design you pick, you may be able to use the trolley in different ways.  Kitchen trolley designs are really versatile and can be used to make things easier in the kitchen. These trolleys can be a game changer if you are constantly moving items from the kitchen to the dining room and have to walk multiple times back and forth. Your small kitchen can definitely be made more spacious by picking trolleys that can act as additional counter space. And hopefully, our selection will help you to choose the right trolley for your kitchen.

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